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Incorporated in 2005, the Cancer Resource and Wellness (Carewell) Community is a nonprofit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to persons with cancer and their loved ones. Carewell was envisioned by the late Jessica 'Jackie' Fernandez-Suntay, and her husband, Robert 'Bobbit' Suntay. Their commitment to establishing Carewell was inspired by their experiences at The Wellness Community (TWC).

Headquartered in the US, TWC is the largest international, community-based psychosocial support organization that provides free resources and services to persons living with cancer. Bobbit and Jackie were convinced that the efficacy of Jackie's medical treatment - and the quality of both their lives - had been substantially enhanced by their participation in TWC's array of complementary programs. Thus, Carewell is inspired by and operates with the support of TWC - Boston, as well as TWC’s National Office. In May 2007, Carewell became TWC’s first and only International Affiliate in Southeast Asia. In November 2009, Carewell became the Cancer Support Community's (CSC) partner in Asia. CSC is a merger of TWC and the Gilda's Clubs Worldwide.

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Click on the image to read more on our September 2017 Cancer News and Updates
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